How Can I Help?

Register to vote - If you are eligible, and make sure you vote in the November 8, 2022 election.  Remember, you can vote for two candidates!

Raise awareness -  People are busy, and if people aren't focused on our small town City Council, they likely aren't aware of the city's financial health and what that could mean when it comes to raising taxes.  We need to raise awareness among Clayton residents.

Spread the word Share this site and my facebook page to your contacts.  It's important that people know who is running for election and where they stand on important issues.  I've worked hard to make sure people are informed about all matters that the city is working on and I'd like to keep doing so.  An informed public is critical to making sure our city responds to the needs of its residents.

Get a yard sign - The goal is to have them go up across the main geographic sections of Clayton by region so that they are sufficiently widespread. I have designated map areas and I am asking for volunteers to put up signs in their region. To make sure we spread out across town, I've created a sign up sheet by geographic area.  After you sign up, I'll deliver the sign to you.  Click here to sign up.