My Key Issues

Clayton should not be for sale - A straightforward concept really. Clayton should not be for sale. If these properties sell, the city would be constrained to approve many things that residents may not appreciate, but since they'd be consistent with the existing general and downtown specific plan, they would be allowed.  If instead the city retains ownership however, the city could take action to ensure the types of business and development that occurs is consistent with the downtown character and charm that attracted so many of us to Clayton.

No high density housing in downtown - From memory care facilities, to assisted living facilities, to high density rental units, the theme from the Council regarding development in downtown over the past several years has been consistent - developers enriching themselves at the expense of our downtown, at every turn with the the City Council not only laying out the welcome mat for them, but holding the door open too. Development should consistent with the character of the city, and primarily for the benefit of our residents. Apparently the Council thinks that high density rental units and memory care facilities are consistent with the character of downtown. They're wrong.

Transparency in government - When substantive comments and questions go repeatedly unaddressed and unanswered, it creates a sense of being ignored. It’s the same thing when you label groups that have different views as a “vocal minority”. It minimizes what they have to say as if it’s not important, treating minority views as if they don’t matter. That is why communication is such a key part of my campaign. With today’s technology, those who are charged with governance should meet the people where they are, and provide as many means for communication as possible.  Direct questions should receive direct answers. Period.