Thursday, December 10, 2020

Upcoming Council Meeting 12.15.20

 There are several significant items on the agenda for the upcoming 12.15.20 meeting:

  • Consider executing contract with Climatec.  This would be a consulting agreement for Climatec to do an assessment of where the city could save money by implementing various energy conservation improvements.  The agreement calls for two phases - the first would be a review and assessment.  There is no cost to the first phase.  If there are areas of improvement identified in phase 1, then phase 2 may commence upon authorization from Council to do the identified projects.  Phase 2 work would be a cost plus 5% basis.  Only projects that would meet the marginal ROI necessary would be approved.
  • Apply for a park improvement grant.  There is no matching requirement for this and the expected award is approximately $250K.
  • Discuss potential projects to use funds from the a similar parks grant that we were awarded from an application discussed at the 9.15.20 meeting.  This grant does have a matching fund requirement, however we would use staff time to satisfy the match.
  • Award contract to consultant who responded to RFP for community engagement with regard to the downtown lot.  At the 10.20.20 meeting, the Council agreed to engage with a consultant to facilitate community engagement in order to come up with ideas on what can be done.  RFP responses have come back and staff is recommending we select one of the vendors.
  • Approve the Mayoral appointment to various committees for 2021
If you have any thoughts or questions on any of the above items, please let me know.