Friday, May 14, 2021

Upcoming Meeting 5.18.21

There are two significant items on the agenda for the next meeting:
  • Awarding a contract to a vendor to help facilitating the update of our Housing Element.  Updating out Housing Element is required periodically and we typically engage consultants to assist us.  Because this is work that only occurs every 8 years, and we don't have sufficient staff to do the work on a regular basis, consultants allow us to meet our compliance requirements.  We issued and RFP and received two proposals.  This item will discuss awarding the contract to one of those respondents.

  • Discussion about updating our ordinance regarding the Order of Business for Council meetings.  Currently the order of the agenda is within our city ordinances.  There is a recommendation to strike this from our ordinances and merely adopt the order of business through resolution.  

    In addition, in order to avoid the appearance of or potential partiality in hearing matters that first came before the Planning Commission, there is a recommendation to eliminate the practice of the Planning Commission giving a report to the City Council.
If you have thoughts or questions on the above items, please let me know.