Wednesday, October 6, 2021

10.5.21 Meeting Summary

Last night the Council met to discuss a couple significant items.  The matters were relatively straightforward and the meeting completed fairly quickly.
  • We adopted a resolution to update Development and Wetland Mitigation Fees.  These are a set of fees and procedures by which developers pay a fee in an effort to provide a coordinated approach to permitting, conservation, and protection of sensitive species, their habitats, and other natural resources within eastern Contra Costa County.  These fees have an automatic riser each year in between audits.  Information from audits which are conducted every 3-5 years is used to adjust fees going forward until the next audit period.  After the audit the new fee rates need to be approved which is what we did last night.

  • We adopted a resolution to allow for video and teleconference council meetings.  Under new law in CA, we need to make findings at least every 30 days regarding the necessity of virtual meetings.  Given the recommendations by the County Health Officer, we will continue meeting virtually until that recommendation changes.