Saturday, January 14, 2023

Upcoming Meeting 1.17.23

There are several significant items that will be discussed at our next meeting.  This will be our first regular meeting with public comment up front so if there is anything folks would like to share that will be available at the beginning of the meeting.  Here is what is up for discussion:

- We are establishing an ad hoc committee related to the Energy Services and Infrastructure Renewal agreement that we executed with Climatec.  Myself and Councilmember Trupiano will engage with the vendor to facilitate faster feedback and guidance.

- We will discuss the updated Housing Element and the modifications that were made since our meeting last week.

- We will be discussing a resolution in support of Our Neighborhood Voices: .  This is a group that is sponsoring a ballot initiative to amend the California constitution taking back local control of housing matters.

- We will discuss the appointment of an Interim City Manager to step in while we continue to search for a full time candidate.  Former Antioch City Manager, Ron Bernal, was interviewed and is now being brought forward for the role.

- We will discuss brining current the Terms and Conditions of Employment for Clayton's miscellaneous employees (primarily non-police)

Please let me know if you have any thoughts or questions on the above.