Saturday, March 25, 2023

Let's Talk Parks and Playgrounds (Clayton Community Park and the Grove)

You might have noticed work going on at the Clayton Community Park recently and I wanted to share some information about what is happening.

Both play structures adjacent to the picnic areas are being replaced.  New all weather surfaces will also be installed.  The project should be completed within approximately 6 weeks, before the start of summer break.

The cost of the project is approximately $378K.  The funding of the project is coming from a variety of sources.  First, the City applied and received a prop 68 grant in the amount of $185K.  Next, the Clayton/Concord chapter of Rotary International made a generous commitment to donate $25K.  The remaining funds will come from what are known as Developer Impact Fees, those fees paid to the City in connection with private development.

When complete the new play structure will look like this:

The toddler area will look like this:

That's not all though.  At the Grove Park, the City was awarded approximately $250K in grant funds as well under a different grant program.  And while the overall structures at the Grove are not scheduled to be replaced, those funds will be used to replace some of the surfaces that are worn, the turf under the children's statue, new lighting and various electrical equipment, and replacement of various plumbing related items.  We will also be evaluating the condition of the roofs near the stage area of the gazebo, the picnic gazebo, and the restroom areas.  Depending on need, the scope of work could include replacement of damaged or worn park furniture as well.

Because of the timing however, this work is scheduled to begin in the later part of Fall so as not to interfere with various events happening downtown.