Saturday, April 1, 2023

Upcoming Meeting 4.4.23

There are several significant items on the agenda at our next meeting:

- We will be discussing an update to the City’s investment policy. Key things being added are clarification of roles and responsibilities, tightening of available investment options, increased periodic reporting, and a refocus on the key investment objectives

- We will be discussing Phase II of the City’s agreement with Climatec. Up to this point, the city has not incurred any expense while Climatec has assessed the potential for savings across all of the City’s utility utilization. They are proposing an approximate $2M project encompassing solar installation, electric vehicle charging, LED lighting throughout the city, irrigation control units to mitigate the impact of water line breaks, and other building automation systems to reduce costs. There is also the potential of State credit facility for these types of projects at 1% interest making the overall project much more feasible. Ongoing savings would be approximately $4.7M over the life of the equipment.

- We will be discussing a mid year budget update. Current analysis shows greater revenues across multiple categories, and certain lower expenses due to staff vacancies.

- We will be discussing use of ARPA funds in conjunction with staff request items for increased operational efficiency.

- We will discuss the potential of cancelling any regular Council meetings due to scheduling during the summer.

If you have any thoughts or questions on the above, please let me know.