Wednesday, February 7, 2024

My 2.6.24 Meeting Summary

On Tuesday the Council met to discuss several significant items:

- We approved an updated agreement with the Clayton Police Officers Association (POA).  The current agreement is set to expire at the end of June and the Council wanted to ensure that an agreement was in place prior to that occurring.  While the details and negotiations were held in closed session, I believe that the POA and the City came to terms that all were satisfied with.  

Our recent community survey highlighted what we already knew - the community highly values our police and the Council wanted to ensure that message was received.  With this new three year agreement - members of the POA will receive a 15% increase in year 1, with a 4% increase in year 2 and year 3.

- We received a presentation of the results of the community survey.  The survey was lead by a highly experienced market researcher and supported by diligent and dedicated interns at very low cost to the City thanks to contacts made by Vice Mayor Trupiano.  Originally staff had proposed conducting similar outreach and engaging consultants to do so at a cost of around $30K that was rejected.  

The results of the survey were not surprising - public safety and our police, small town feel, and great trails and parks, were among the many things that make Clayton a great place to live.  There were additional insights that were revealed, including the community's sense of prioritization, and what direction they'd like the City to go in.  There were also a significant amount of free form comments offered that were helpful to read.  This survey will serve as a tool as we move forward with strategic planning.

- We identified strategic priorities and formed ad hoc committees to flesh out these ideas.  At our next meeting we will discuss each further and narrow down the list.  The next step will be to determine if and how these priorities can be operationalized.  Ultimately all will take additional funding or a reprioritization of current funding.

Here are the ideas we gathered for further discussion:

- Public Safety, Infrastructure, and accessibility (roads, sidewalks, and ADA)
- Community Parks and Recreation
- Economic Development- promoting available spaces, growing number of families into community, improved downtown activity
- Maintain vibrant police force, maintaining community policing model
- Balancing the budget
- Maintain the aesthetic of the City of Clayton (LMD)
- Disaster Preparedness and Fire Prevention
- Preserving the historical nature of the town
- Environmental Sustainability