Tuesday, November 19, 2019

11.19.19 Meeting Summary

Two significant items were discussed at tonight's meeting:
  1. On the consent calendar, the second reading of an ordinance legalizing the keeping of hens.  There are some guidelines that need to be followed, but 30 days after tonight the ordinance will be in effect and chickens will be allowed in Clayton.
  2. We also discussed updating the Town Center Specific Plan.  This was added to the city's goals earlier this year and I continue to think it's an important task to ensure that the plan aligns with the goals of the community.  Right now, the plan that was drafted in 1990 still reflects zoning and plans that are likely at odds with what the majority of the community would desire.

    The proper way to address these changing priorities is to amend the plan - starting with a process of community outreach.  The process will likely cost a significant amount of money and we will be working to prioritize this along with other goals of the city at the next goal setting session.  This will take place after the new city manager comes on board, and shortly after the new year.

    The full council agreed that this should remain a one of our goals.  We will need to establish scope, process, and ultimately allocate the resources to make this happen.