Tuesday, November 5, 2019

11.5.19 Meeting Summary

Tonight there were a few significant items discussed:

  • The Council voted unanimously to adopt an ordinance to allow the keeping of chickens within the City of Clayton.  This applies to hens only - no roosters.  There are various limitations, like a maximum number based on lot size up to a total of 10, and restrictions on the placement of coops, and the height of coops.  This was the first reading of the ordinance so after approval of the 2nd reading and the requisite amount of time, chickens will be permissible to keep in Clayton.
  • The Council also approved a proclamation declaring November 17 through November 23 as United Against Hate Week.  This is in conjunction with other municipalities in the Bay Area as a step towards bridging divisions, building inclusivity, and strengthening our community.
  • The Council also approved an employment agreement to fill the position of City Manager.  Ikani Taumoepeau will join the City of Clayton as its next City Manager beginning December 9.  The process for selecting candidates, interviewing, and ultimately selecting Mr. Taumoepeau was conducted in closed session as appropriate.  It was a rigorous process with spirited discussion from the entire Council.  I think we made the right choice and am excited to have Mr. Taumoepeau join the City of Clayton.