Tuesday, December 17, 2019

12.17.19 Meeting Summary

Tonight the Council took a few significant actions:
  • Considered notice of 6% annual rate increase from Contra Costa Water District
  • Approved engaging a consultant to fill in on a temporary basis as Community Development Director. Interim Community Development Director David Woltering will leave his position as of December 20, 2019. The contract position will bill on an hourly basis and continue until such time the position is filled full time.
  • We reviewed and approved City Council ad-hoc committee, inter-governmental and regional board assignments for 2020.  Significant changes are that I am taking point as the liaison to the Trails and Landscape Committee, and the Clayton Library Foundation.
During requests for future items, I inquired about appealing Planning Commission resolution 05-19 which found the Olivia project statutorily exempt from CEQA.  Because action on appeal would take a 4/5ths majority of the Council within 10 days of the final determination being filed, it was determined that a special meeting would need to be called.  Given the holidays however, upon polling of available Councilmembers, there would not be sufficient numbers available for a special meeting within the 10 day time window which is expected to start on December 20.  If PC resolution 05-19 is going to be appealed, it will need to be done by a member of the public.  Questions about the process should be directed to city staff.