Friday, April 3, 2020

Upcoming Council Meeting 4.7.20

Due to current shelter in place rules, the next Council meeting will again be held via video conference.  To view the meeting live, the city has setup a Zoom meeting.  People can follow the meeting online via this Zoom link.  I hope everyone is managing and staying safe.

There are a couple significant items that are on the agenda:

  • Allocating approximately $70K to be spent towards traffic and pedestrian safety near our schools.   I had requested this as a previous action item at the 4.2.19 meeting and the Council discussed a number of items at the 5.7.19 meeting.  At that time the Council directed staff to pursue a number of options and to report back periodically on progress.  During our 2.18.20 meeting, we received additional information about what was planned, asked for a few modifications, and asked staff to come back with dollar estimates for the Council to approve.

    These funds will cover improved striping and interactive stop signs near Mt. Diablo Elementary, interactive stop signs in one intersection downtown, and making the intersection outside of Diablo View Middle an all ways pedestrian scramble.  The pedestrian scramble was specifically requested by Principal Bannister when I met with her on this issue back in April of 2019.

    There will be further investigation around the possibility of having interactive 'prepare to stop' signs in both directions outside the middle school as well.  These could greatly assist in preparing drivers to stop when the light is about to turn red.
  • We will also be discussing sending a letter to Contra Costa County in connection with the CEMEX Clayton Quarry Reclamation Plan Amendment, asking them to expand on their evaluation of project alternatives to better understand the impacts of what they are considering. 
We will also be welcoming two new members to the City staff for the positions of Finance Manager and Community Development Director.  These positions have been vacant for some time and have had various interim folks filling in.  

One thing that has been deferred is the mid year budget assessment as well as some action around preparation of next year's budget (FY21 begins in July).  One item I've requested as a budget priority related to pedestrian safety near our schools is the continuation of the crossing guard directly outside of Mt. Diablo Elementary.  

Last year I worked with the PFC president to facilitate the PFC paying for this crossing guard out of their funds, using an existing city contract.  As vehicle and pedestrian safety is within the scope of the City's responsibilities, it would be more appropriate for the City to pay rather than ask parents to donate and cover the cost of this crossing guard.  The approximate total cost is $12K per year.  

When speaking to my fellow Councilmembers, please encourage them to also make funding this crossing guard a priority - otherwise this may fall by the wayside and leave a busy intersection without a dedicated crossing guard.