Tuesday, November 17, 2020

11.17.20 Meeting Summary

 There were several significant items the Council took action on tonight:

  • In order to facilitate the review of draft audited financial statements we formed an ad hoc committee to do review prior to the statements coming back to the full Council.  Myself and Councilmember Wolfe were appointed for this role.  The city prepares a CAFR which is a type of financial report for municipal governments.  Previous CAFRs can be found at the city website.
  • We approved an update to the City's master fee schedule.  This largely followed CPI increases though in some cases moved up comensurate with the cost of staff time to administer.
  • We established a legislative policy whereby the Mayor would be authorized to sign position papers on matters that impact Clayton or are important to our residents consistent with established legislative priorities.  Each year a legislative priorities would be refreshed by the full council.
  • We appointed a new full time City Manager, Reina Schwartz.  I look forward to working with her and wish her the best of luck.  Our interim City Manager, Fran Robustelli has done an excellent job in the short time she's been with the city and I want to thank her for all of her hard work and contributions.  The transition will occur in Mid-December.