Tuesday, April 20, 2021

4.20.21 Meeting Summary

 Tonight, there were a couple significant items discussed:

  • We adopted priority areas for the fiscal year ending June 2022.  These include Land Use and Housing, Public Safety, Financial Stability, Quality of Life, and Good Governance.  There are several sub items under each of those main priority areas.  Going forward the city will work towards establishing prioritization within those areas including allocating funding as appropriate, and implementing a reporting system to provide a regular update on achievements within the priorities.

  • We unanimously approved a series of resolutions which will enable commercial property owners to take advantage of Golden State Financing Authority Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program.  This will allow certain commercial businesses to take advantage of a financing mechanism to associate the cost of certain clean energy improvements, which typically have very high up front costs, and in exchange pay through a property tax assessment.  

One subject that has come up in discussion with residents and in the comments tonight is the recent Stop AAPI Hate rally that was organized and took place when I was away on spring break.  Apparently there was action taken trying to associate myself and an effort to hijack this event into something it was not.  I was asked to denounce various actions, etc. else I be presumed to be involved or something to that effect.  I have no interest in getting into the business of denouncing things generally.  Doing so can lead to a slippery slope where Councilmembers are asked to weigh in on all matters of the day to denounce this thing or that thing.  

Given the interest however, I want to be clear.  I had nothing to do with whatever efforts to try to use my name or public office to any end and if asked how I felt about this being done beforehand I would have objected.  My understanding is that the rally came together rather quickly during a time I was out of town and without access to internet.  If I do support something, I will say so.  This effort was around the rotation of the office of the Mayor.  As I said in my previous comments, I really do think it best for the community to move past this and focus forward.  I have no interest in further discussing the mayoral rotation, nor do I have interest in the Mayor position at all.

There are many actual issues that are important to the residents of Clayton and my focus is on city business that can make our town the best it can be. I’m glad the Stop AAPI Hate event that was organized was successful. That any person is able to express themselves and share their ideas is a testament to our country’s principles recognized and enshrined in the 1st amendment.