Friday, April 16, 2021

Upcoming Council Meeting 4.20.21

There are a few significant items on the agenda at the next Council meeting:

  • Discuss adoption of City Council Priority Areas for the fiscal year ending June-2022.   In March we held a special meeting for a goal setting session.  The priority areas identified are those that came from that meeting and this action would recognize those priority areas.  This would not however actually rank the items in terms of priority, appropriate funds, or establish a mechanism to report on any of the priority items.  Each of those things would need to be done at a future date.  The five areas of priority that were identified were Land Use and Housing, Public Safety, Financial Stability, Quality of Life, and Good Governance.

  • Discuss inclusion of commercial properties with the city in the Golden State Financing Authority Property Assessed Clean Energy) PACE Program.  PACE programs, generally speaking, allow property owners to fund certain solar investments through property assessments.  This makes acquiring solar energy easier as commercial property owners, on a voluntary basis, could easily transfer the program financing upon sale of the property.  It also provides a different financing vehicle than might otherwise be available.  There is no risk to the city and in executing this type of arrangement we would also separately seek indemnification from the PACE provider.

Please let me know if you have thoughts or questions on the above.