Tuesday, December 7, 2021

12.7.21 Meeting Summary

Tonight there was one significant item on the agenda:
  • Tonight the Council took action to reorganize the leadership positions of the Council and selected Councilmember Cloven to serve as Mayor.  Councilmember Diaz nominated me to serve as mayor which failed on a vote of 2-3.  Thereafter Councilmember Tillman nominated Cloven to serve as Mayor and that passed on a vote of 3-2 with myself and Councilmember Diaz voting no.  While I am disappointed I will not serve as Mayor as long as the bloc of Wolfe, Tillman, and Cloven are on this Council, I will continue to vote my conscious and my votes on matters counts just the same.

    Councilmember Tillman was chosen to serve as Vice Mayor on a vote of 4-1 with myself voting no.

  • During my council report, I raised the issue of Hero Pay for our Clayton Police Officers in connection with ARPA funds.  While our immediate focus was on local businesses and households impacted by COVID, I want to stress the work above and beyond that our police officers and staff put in and continues to put in during this period that has been so heavily impacted by COVID.  I received a letter from the Clayton Police Officer's Association that detailed much of the activity that the police has done during this time, much of which goes unseen.

    For our next round of funding, I am requesting that our Police Officers are recognized with ARPA funding which is an allowable use of funds.  Given our small number of officers and police staff, a small portion of our available ARPA funds will go a long way and I am wholly in support of that and our officers.

  • In addition, the Clayton Successor and Successor Housing Agencies met approving an obligation payment schedule.  This is regular business that provides for payment of debt related to previous housing Redevelopment Agencies in Clayton.

  • The Oakhurst Geological Hazard Abatement District (GHAD) also met for it's annual reorganization.  I reiterated my request for a list and schedule of activities performed by the GHAD in the spirit of transparency and accountability.  I have been asking for this item for multiple years I believe.  It's perplexing why a list and schedule has not been forthcoming given the work is being performed and an internal schedule must exist.