Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Meeting Updates and Clayton Cares ARPA Program

There were two special meetings this week:

11.29.21 - The council met in closed session to authorize moving forward with certain litigation.  There's an entire process to this and a period of time available to take action avoiding such litigation so pending that I'll hold on further information at this time.  What is discussed in closed session is not allowed to be disclosed.

11.30.21 - The council met and discussed two items:

  • Three people submitted applications for the open Planning Commissioner seat to fulfill the remainder of a term that concluded in Jun-22.  The Council decided to appoint Any Hines-Shaikh to fill the open position on a vote of 3-2, with myself and Councilmember Diaz voting no.  I felt that Ms. Hines-Shaikh responses in favor of greater housing density and her disappointment with the high cost of homes in Clayton was not consistent with what the majority of residents in town believed, and it was inconsistent with one of my core goals of maintaining and increasing property values within Clayton.

    Regardless, the majority of the Council disagreed.  I wish Ms. Hines-Shaikh the best of luck going forward and thank the other candidates who applied and put themselves out there to go through this process.

  • We also held a closed session for a performance evaluation with our City Manager.

I'd also like to share news regarding the launch of the Clayton Cares ARPA programs for businesses and non-profits, as well as individual households.  Information can be found at the city website here:  The application period runs from 12.1.21 through 1.31.22. for businesses and, through 2.28.22 for households.  All amounts will be distributed to qualifying applicants on a first come first served basis so be sure to apply as soon as possible if you are eligible.