Wednesday, March 2, 2022

3.1.22 Meeting Summary

Last night there was only one item that we discussed and that was whether there would be a quorum for the 4.5.22 meeting.  That meeting takes place over MDUSD spring break and there was a thought that folks may not be available at that time.  There was no indication this would be the case so no action was taken and the scheduled meeting remains on the calendar.

There were a few comments regarding the door hangers that went out over the weekend.  While I am glad to continue to get the word out about the Clayton Cares program  ( providing funding assistance to businesses and households in Clayton, I was disappointed when I saw the Housing Balancing Act ( site launched.

When we originally discussed the potential sites for upzoning at our 1.4.22 meeting, there were a limited number of sites identified.  I inquired at the time whether we could consider additional sites, consider changes in density, etc.  It was represented at the time that that discussion was just an early itteration, that there would be more time to discuss and flesh out ideas.  This was what our hired consultants had come up with, but we were told we would be able to further discuss other options that may not have been considered.  That seemed reasonable so I was anticipating a time that we would be able to discuss further.

Unfortunately that future discussion has yet to come to pass, and the above linked site was launched asking for resident input.  The site however only has the limited options that were presented back at that  January meeting.  This means that when folks go to vote or offer input, they are guided to the options presented.  There is of course room for people to enter free form comments, however like push polling, this will bias the results of the tool towards the options presented.

Councilmember Diaz requested last night that we actually have the discussion that was promised previously so hopefully we'll be able to start having these more meaningful conversations before it's too late.