Friday, June 24, 2022

6.23.22 Meeting Summary

Last night the Council met in special session to discuss the initial submission of the Housing Element (HE) to CA Housing and Community Development (HCD).  Clayton is required to increase zoning for 570 additional housing units across various income levels.  While Clayton is required to zone for these units, there is no requirement that the units actually be built as cities are typically not the ones who engage in development.

The submission of the HE contains some significant changes to the zoning within Clayton:
  • Increase allowable density to 40 units per acre at St. John's Parish, Clayton Valley Presbyterian Church, and the Oakhurst overflow parking lot.  These changes were consistent with the desire of of the property owners.
  • Maintain overall density of 20 units per acre in the Town Center, with the exception of two sites near the Olivia project which requested to increase to 30 units per acre.
  • Work with the owners of Oakhurst to include parcels that are partially used for the driving range at a similar density to the overflow parking lot
There were other changes as well mostly focusing on streamlining process and adjusting minimum densities.

With these changes, the city will likely be able to meet its 570 unit allocation requirement while minimizing the impact to most neighborhoods and be consistent with the intent and desire of property owners.  After this submission, HCD will have 90 days to review and provide comment back if necessary.  Final adoption is required by January 31, 2023.