Monday, June 20, 2022

Upcoming Council Meeting 6.21.22 and Special Meeting 6.23.22

There are two meetings scheduled this week.  The first is the regular meeting on Tuesday 6.21.22  where we will be discussing a few significant items.  The first is interviewing candidates for the Planning Commission which will begin at 6pm.  At 7 our regularly scheduled meeting will discuss a few significant items:

- Adoption of the annual budget for Fiscal Year 2023 (ending June 30, 2023).  This budget is based on recommendations from Council to not make any cuts and instead utilize reserves to make up for budget shortfalls.  In addition, this budget is proposing for additional reserve spending on various items.  At our last meeting I was opposed to the idea of using reserves to cover ongoing operations however on a 4-1 vote the Council gave direction to staff to spend down reserves.  I voted no.  The budget being proposed is largely the same as was discussed at our last meeting.

- Discussion of the City's master fee schedule and proposed increases.  We haven't updated the fees in two years whereas normally this is done each year.  The current proposal recommends increasing the fees to capture CPI for the last two years.

- A resolution adopting the City's salary schedule for FY23.

The next is a special meeting on Thursday 6.23.22:

- We will discuss the transmittal of the city's draft housing element for the 6th cycle to CA HCD.

If you have any thoughts or questions on the above please let me know.