Wednesday, July 20, 2022

7.19.22 Meeting Summary

The Council met last night and discussed a couple significant items:

- On the consent calendar was the appointment of an "extra help/Finance Director".  I asked that this be pulled so it may be discussed.  Previously the Council approved a 1 year limited duration employment for additional help in the Finance area at a rate of approximately $47/hr plus benefits, the vote for which was 4-1 with only myself voting no.  Because the city has been unable to source this position timely, the idea here was to fill the gap until such time that the approved one year position could be filled.  The Finance Director position that was being requested was to be paid approximately $68/hr without benefits.

I had asked if the time that the additional Finance Director worked would decrement the amount of time needed for the additional position that was previously approved - in other words, would the total time for this extra help exceed one year.  I was was informed that the combination of both positions may exceed the previously approved 1 year.  As a result and consistent with many areas of spending, this will likely exceed what was expected or communicated and approved by the Council previously.  

We as a city need to bring down spending but at every turn we seem to be spending more.  The vote to approve this action was 4-1 with only myself voting no.

- We discussed and approved the annual tax levy for the Clayton Benefit Assessment District (BAD) which covers 24 parcels east of Regency Drive primarily on Seminary Ridge and Promontory Place.  While the BAD provides that the annual assessment may be raised by a maximum of the lessor of CPI or 4%, the Council followed staff's recommendation and kept the assessment flat from prior year.  This was because the level of service is currently in flux as the city seeks to find a new service provider for various landscape and maintenance items.  In the interim the work will be contracted out on an as needed basis.

- The Oakhurst Geological Hazard Abatement District (GHAD) also met and confirmed increases to real property assessments consistent with CPI of 5%.  The ultimate assessment is modified based on the type of parcel (single family, duet, multi-family).

As an aside, I have a scheduling conflict during the next scheduled meeting on 8.2.22.  As a result, I will not be able to provide an update prior to that meeting nor will I be in attendance.  I will review the meeting and post an update later that week.