Monday, August 8, 2022

8.2.22 Meeting Summary

As I mentioned in my previous post, I wasn't able to attend the 8.2.22 Council meeting, however I did watch the replay and wanted to give an update.  There were a few significant items discussed:

- A discussion of the schedule for the operation of the fountain was discussed.  Currently there are 15 days of operation per year, mostly aligning with federal holidays and some events in town.  The discussion was around adding scheduled days - Juneteenth to continue alignment with federal holidays and September 11th in recognition of the tragic events of that day.  During the discussion it was shared that the approximate cost of running the fountain was in the neighborhood of $1,600/day.  The Council voted 4-0 approving the additional days of operation.

- A discussion of the library lease and service agreement between the City and Contra Costa County.  The last formal agreement was in 1995.  The new agreement is in line with the County's efforts to standardize library services throughout the county and Clayton has effectively been operating under the newer terms since July 1, 2021.  This agreement formalizes what has already been operationalized.  The Council voted to approve the agreement 4-0.

- A discussion regarding the use of Endeavor Hall by the Clayton Community Theatre Company.  Historically the city has offered discounts in order to enable certain arts programs.  By providing a deep discount on the rental rate of the facilities, the productions are able to continue.  Without this discount, the Clayton Theatre Company would be unlikely to be able to continue.  The Council adopted the agreement to continue the historical discount for the use of Endeavor Hall 4-0, with a commitment to discuss city wide fee structures at a future meeting.