Wednesday, August 17, 2022

8.16.22 Meeting Summary

Last night the Council met to discuss a few significant items:

- We designated Councilmember Cloven and Tillman to be the League of California Cities voting delegate and alternate, respectively, for the upcoming annual conference being held in early September.  The conference is in Long Beach and will require travel, lodging, and registration.  I inquired as to who pays the fees and both Cloven and Tillman indicated they would cover their own costs and not seek reimbursement.

- We approved a resolution of intention to form a Community Facilities District (HOA) for the Diablo Meadows development at the southern end of Mitchell Canyon Rd.  This 18 unit development was approved last year and is expected to begin selling somewhere around the end of September.  It is typical to establish HOAs for new developments to ensure that the residents bear the cost of the ongoing maintenance and infrastructure.  The city acts as a backstop for certain stormwater related costs if the HOA is unable to do so, as required.

- We reviewed a list of outstanding and completed council request items.

In addition to the above, I had further discussion regarding the $1,600/day fee to run the fountain as was indicated in the prior meeting.  I was skeptical of this figure and asked the City Manager about the source of this figure.  It turns out that staff had estimated a figure several years ago and the $1,600 figure was that same amount inflation adjusted.  Given there is no evidence present to support the original estimate, I suggested it would be prudent to get actual data to see if that is an accurate number. I let the City Manager know that in the budget documents for the FY21 year, there are notes that indicate the cost for the fountain to be an additional $160/day.  There is no indicated basis for that figure either.  We discussed a plan to get better info and I look forward to getting the results.