Saturday, June 3, 2023

Upcoming Meeting 6.6.23

There are several significant items we will be discussing at our next meeting:

- We will start early at 6pm with a closed session to discuss labor negotiations with the City's Miscellaneous employees.

- We will receive a presentation on the proposed update to the City's master fee schedule.

- We will be adjusting certain salary ranges in order to be more competitive in recruitment.

- We will receive the City Engineer's report and proposed assessments regarding the Streetlight Assessment District.

- We will receive the City Engineer's report and declare an intent to levy and collect assessments for the Diablo Estates Benefit Assessment District for FY24.

- We will discuss an ordinance amending the Speed Limits section of the Clayton Municipal Code in order to preserve the existing speed limits.

- We will also be having a meeting of the GHAD in order to receive the annual report and set a future public hearing to consider the GHAD levy of assessments.

If you have any thoughts or questions on the above, please let me know.