Friday, May 3, 2019

Upcoming City Council Meeting 5.7.19

Two significant items will be on the agenda for Tuesday's meeting:
  • At our last meeting, the Council agreed that we should draft a letter addressed to all of our state and local representatives. This letter would communicate our guiding principles stating our position as a city, what we are in favor of and provide constructive commentary on what we are opposed to.  I took point on drafting the letter which is included in the agenda packet.
  • At a previous meeting I requested a public hearing to discuss potential improvements to traffic and pedestrian safety around our middle and elementary schools. I've invited the principals at both Mt. Diablo Elementary and Diablo View Middle to share their thoughts and ideas they may have as well.
If you have any thoughts or questions on any of these items, please comment or contact me and I'll do my best to respond or find out more and report back.