Tuesday, October 1, 2019

10.1.19 Meeting Summary

Even though there weren't any public hearings or action items on the agenda, there were a few things that were important to Clayton.  Two items related to our Clayton Police:

  1. Recognition of Sergeant England's retirement while the city thanked him for his service to the people of Clayton
  2. A ceremony promoting Rich Enea to Sergeant
Congratulations to both!

As part of our City Manager's report, he indicated that he intended to send letters to Governor Newsom in regard to legislation that is on his desk awaiting his signature.  While I agreed with the spirit of the letters that were intended to be sent, I questioned whether that was prudent given it is not consistent with our past practice, and the Council hasn't had the opportunity to discuss what the position of the city should be. 

Creating a process for the city taking positions on future legislation will come back as an agendized item so the Council can discuss how it wants to proceed.  I certainly believe that if the city does take a position, each Councilmember should voice their views so that the residents of Clayton are aware of the positions of those that represent them.

In addition, myself, and Councilmember Wolfe had requested that we re-look at the use of glysophate in Clayton.  That is targeted to be on the agenda at the next meeting, 10.15.19.