Thursday, October 10, 2019

Upcoming Council Meeting 10.15.19

There are a few significant items on the agenda for the 10.15.19 meeting:

  • Awarding a contract for equipment at the North Valley Park off of Keller Ridge Dr.  The equipment will include new shade structures, surfaces, and various playground equipment.  The current equipment is around 20 years old and in need of repair, though due to age the parts are no longer available.   Target completion of removal and installation of new equipment is June 2020.
  • Discussion regarding whether the city should establish a policy regarding state legislation that may affect the city.  There are often bills in the state legislature that could have impacts on Clayton, and establishing a policy regarding pending legislation could assist the city in taking a proactive approach to help influence policy.
  • Discussion of the use of Glyphosate (Round Up) by the city.  There have been recent developments that merit additional discussion from our Feb 5 meeting.  If the city ultimately ceases use of Glyphosate, the trade off could be greater presence of weeds.
If you have any thoughts or questions on any of these items, please comment or contact me and I'll do my best to respond or find out more and report back.