Tuesday, January 7, 2020

SB 50 is Back and Its Authors Want More Density and No More Single Family Zoning

Back in May of 2019, I wrote about SB50 being tabled in the CA legislative session until 2020.  It's now 2020 and it's back.  With various edits, the bill now has until the end of January to make it out of committee.  It's being pushed by State Senator Scott Weiner from San Francisco.

Though there are some minor changes, the worst parts of SB50 are still in full effect.  Fourplexes would be allowed by right on any single family zoned property - that means that anyone could build a fourplex in any neighborhood that is currently zoned for single family.  This would eliminate single family zoning everywhere in the state.

In addition to that, any location that is determined to be job rich or near transit could receive waivers on parking, density, height, size, etc.  And this would be on top of any waivers received as a result of the CA Density Bonus law.

This is a bad bill and should be opposed by anyone who values local control and the character of Clayton. Senator Weiner doesn't accept communication from folks outside his district. Please contact your State representatives to make your voice heard. In Clayton those representatives are Assembly Member Tim Grayson and State Senator Steve Glazer.

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