Wednesday, February 19, 2020

2.18.20 Meeting Summary

Last night the Council took action on a couple significant items:

We received a staff report on four enhancements to traffic and pedestrian safety around our schools.  Those were:
  1. Replacing the traffic dots with improved thermoplastic striping to increase visibility of the lane dividers at the Pine Hollow and Mitchell Canyon Road intersection and adding interactive stop signs that flash when vehicles approach at that same location
  2. Adding interactive stop signs in downtown at the corner of Old Marsh Creek Rd. and Center St.
  3. Making the intersection in front of the middle school at Old Marsh Creek and Marsh Creek a "pedestrian scramble" so when students exit the school they will be able to cross in any direction.  Kids already do this, but this makes the light timing more effective, adjusts some traffic signage,a dn adds the appropriate striping
  4. Adding a "signal ahead" flashing light at east bound on Marsh Creek near the middle school.  My preference is that this sign be connected to the traffic light so that it flashes when there is an upcoming red light.  Due to placement requirements and distance, staff is exploring if this is feasible given available technology.
Council directed staff to investigate the possibility of additional interactive caution signs on Marsh Creek outside of the middle school, additional interactive stop signs at Mitchell Canyon and Pine Hollow, potential costs, etc. and we will resume back when more information is available.  All were supportive of each of the items above.

In addition, we also appointed five new members to the Trails and Landscape Committee (TLC).  I had previously requested the Council discuss and formalize the duties of the TLC. 

The Council directed staff to address the unclear language in the current documentation regarding TLC roles and responsibilities to make sure the city takes an inclusive approach with the TLC.  Because the TLC was established by voters, I felt it was important to ensure that the duties adopted by the Council were consistent with what the voters approved.   In recent years, the focus of the TLC appears to be more budget focused, rather than providing advice regarding other areas of the areas covered by the TLC.  Staff will draft updated guidelines and as the liaison to the TLC, myself and Councilmember Catalano will review the updated language and update as necessary to be brought back before Council when finished.