Wednesday, May 20, 2020

5.19.20 Meeting Summary

Tonight the Council took only one significant item and that was to clarify the duties of the Trails and Landscape Committee (TLC).   The TLC was formed in conjunction with a special parcel tax approved by the voters of Clayton. This parcel tax funds maintenance of public roadway landscaping, open space and trail system improvements within the City of Clayton. As part of the approval of this tax, the TLC was formed in order to provide oversight of these parcel tax revenues and the associated expenditures.

Recently there had been questions about the roles and responsibilities of the TLC so I had requested a discussion and clarification.  We first discussed this at our 2.18.20 meeting at which time we formed an ad-hoc committee of myself and Councilmember Catalano to take a first pass at clarifying the language.

Overall my goal was to make the guidelines for the TLC more broad – to give them latitude to make suggestions as they saw fit. Councilmember Catalano and I both offered our input and the draft was brought before the full council to finalize the changes and resolve any differences we may have had.

I wanted to ensure that in our policies we recognized the importance of the TLC, and that we solicited their input.  Ultimately we cleaned up the language, and made it more clear as to what was expected and required.  I think all were in agreement and I think the result is favorable.

In addition, we took as a future agenda item a discussion about parking at the end of Mountaire Parkway.  Residents have submitted a petition to have a preferential parking program and we decided to schedule a special meeting for 5.26.20 to discuss it.

There are also three spots on the Planning Commission that are up for appointment at the end of June.  The application deadline in June 10.  More info here: