Wednesday, May 27, 2020

5.26.20 Meeting Summary

Tonight was a Special Meeting and there was only one thing on the agenda, and that had to do with parking near the Regency Gate entrance to Mt. Diablo. 

While we left alone the rules currently in place, in an effort to mitigate the parking issues, we did decide to open up the lower half of the parking lot at the Clayton Community Park adjacent to the middle school.  This will happen on Friday.  In addition, the designated parking lot at the Mitchell Canyon Staging Area will also reopen starting this Friday.  Hopefully those things will help alleviate some of the parking congestion until such time as we can adopt a new program at Mountaire Parkway.

Since the Shelter in Place, there had been a significant increase in vehicular traffic and parking on both sides of Regency Gate, both on Regency Dr. and Mountaire Parkway.  At our April meeting, we extended both the hours that the preferential parking program on Regency operated, and the effective areas - capturing the bottom of Regency Dr. where previously there was unrestricted parking.

We recently received a request and petition to expand the preferential parking program to Mountaire Cir.  It was signed by all residents in the proposed permit area, however that area covered only 6 houses.  Because any program would need to have appropriate street signs, if we were to move forward the installation of poles would take some time.  Also, with the Shelter in Place rules, City Hall is closed to the public so it would be more difficult for residents to actually acquire permits.  Any preferential parking program would need a fair amount of lead time.

Because of the spillover that would almost certainly occur, I recommended that the residents of that neighborhood organize together and propose a greater area.  If there is widespread support for such a program I'd support it.