Friday, May 29, 2020

Upcoming Council Meeting 6.10.20 [edited to reflect new date]

There are several significant items on the agenda for the next meeting.  They are as follows:

- Review a draft FY21 Budget.  I'm still looking through the details so don't have comment yet.

- Approve a 10 year plan for pavement preservation projects.  Adopting this plan doesn't lock in the streets involved in repaving or in what order.  What it does is satisfy the requirement to have a plan in place to be eligible for certain funds to cover the repair work.  Ultimately when selecting streets, the strategy employed includes:
  • The selection of streets need to balance both preventative maintenance needs and street restoration and reconstruction needs as recommended by StreetSaver®
  • Utilize the StreetSaver® database and reporting tools to project the effectiveness of future annual pavement preservation projects.
  • Coordinate streets selection with other roadway and utility projects to be both cost effective and to minimize the possibility of damage to newly preserved roadways from future roadway and utility projects. 
  • Consider paving needs throughout the City in making recommendations on the selection of streets for any annual pavement preservation project.
  • Whenever feasible, leverage anticipated sales tax revenue in obtaining local, state and federal grants for roadway pavement, preventative maintenance and restoration.
- Transfer road funds previously designated for Pine Hollow Road work to general neighborhood improvement of streets in several areas.  The transfer is being initiated because the Pine Hollow Rd work has been delayed in order to better coordinate the efforts with the City of Concord as both cities share jurisdiction over different parts of this street.  The proposed streets for the next round of neighborhood improvement are:
  • North Mitchell Canyon Road
  • Caulfield Court
  • Kenston Drive
  • Tiffin Drive
  • Chardonnay Circle
  • Peacock Creek Drive 
  • Pebble Beach Drive
  • Mount Dell Drive
  • Herriman Court
  • Fleming Drive
  • El Molino Drive
  • Capistrano Court
- An ordinance to adopt 2019 California Fire Code with certain changes. Clayton gets fire protection services from the Contra Costa County Fire Protection District, which is overseen by the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors.  This ordinance would adopt the changes to the fire code already adopted by the District.

- Discussion of next steps in hiring an interim and permanent City manager due to resignation of the City Manager.

- I will also be asking for a future agenda item for the City to take a position requesting the County to loosen the Shelter in Place rules currently in place.  This can be by proclamation, or by communication directly to the County Health Officer and Board of Supervisors.  Specifically we should urge the Health Officer to remember that the original intent of flattening the curve was to avoid overwhelming the health care system, not to wait for a vaccine or reduce the number of cases to zero.  The population of individuals occupying hospitals in Contra Costa County related to COVID-19 is not sufficient to maintain current Shelter in Place orders.