Monday, August 17, 2020

Candidates for November Election

This November there will be six candidates vying for 3 spots on the City Council. They are as follows (ballot order):

While state and national news get a lot of coverage on the news, elections at a local matter often can have a greater impact on our everyday lives. I encourage everyone to find out as much as possible about who they may vote for – remember you can vote for three.  To assist with getting to know the candidates, each candidate will have time to introduce themselves and speak at every Council meeting from now until the election.

Residents should ask how any new candidates would be different or better than the incumbents. For those that have a voting record, residents should be aware of it and ask themselves if that voting record has represented their interests. Residents should know where candidates get their money, and where they spend their money in terms of political contributions and donations.

I've spoken to each of the four new candidates and am still developing my thoughts which I'll share at a later time.

I wish each candidate the best of luck.