Tuesday, January 19, 2021

1.19.21 Meeting Summary

At tonight's meeting there was one significant item on the agenda and that was what actions to take regarding pedestrian and traffic safety at Kelok Way.  There were a number of items discussed as I wrote about last week.  In addition, Police Chief Warren also mentioned two additional suggestions to consider including a Mosquito unit which acts a sonic repellant broadcasting a high pitched noise at a frequency only younger folks could hear.  The other item was a motion activated light that would illuminate the area if movement was detected.

One thing that did appear to be having an impact is making the entire area red zone no parking.  As a result of this, police have been able to issue 40+ citations the month or so since the curb was painted.  Police have to prioritize their activity so they aren't able to respond to calls right away all the time.  Hopefully over time making the area no parking will have the effect of reducing traffic to the end of Kelok Way. 

There was an ad hoc Public Safety Subcommittee meeting held to discuss this matter as well, but that was a few months ago and it appeared that not all interested parties were able to participate.  As such, the Council sent the matter back to the Public Safety Subcommittee to discuss with residents further and report back on recommendations.  When that is scheduled it will be communicated out so that all who are interested in participating will be able to do so.