Wednesday, January 6, 2021

1.5.21 Meeting Summary

Last night there were two significant actions taken.  The first was whether to send a letter I had drafted regarding RHNA overestimation.  Based on evidence documented by the Embarcadero Group and Freddie Mac, it appears that there were significant deficiencies in the methodology used to determine the housing allocation figures across the state.  The result is that the allocation to the Bay Area is likely significantly greater than is supportable.  This letter is to express concern regarding the housing figure, and to ask that HCD reconsider the number of housing units allocated in light of the new evidence.

This is part of a larger effort by many local cities and regional bodies who are taking similar action.  The hope is to contribute to that effort and lend our support as a city.

After discussion, there were some minor wordsmithing updates made and a change to specifically direct the letter to HCD, while copying other agencies including ABAG and the Contra Costa County Mayors' Conference.  We unanimously agreed to send this letter.

The second item we took action on what Councilmember Cloven's request to get more information on new housing legislation.  Staff offered two possible courses of action - Either staff could spend time assembling information, or we could engage an outside consultant to provide such services.  Councilmember Cloven clarified his request with more specificity and asked to table the matter based on the refined request.