Monday, June 7, 2021

Budget Subcommittee Meeting 6.8.21

There is a budget subcommittee meeting tomorrow at 3pm to discuss the upcoming FY22 proposed budget. Typically the process is staff will bring a proposed budget to the subcommittee for review and comment. After feedback, it gets forwarded to the full council for adoption. That meeting is scheduled as a special meeting June 29. The link to the meeting is here:

There are a few significant items that are being called out at this meeting. In no particular order: 
  • Our historical expenses have been increasing at a higher rate than our revenues and we are projected to have a structural deficit in 1-2 years if trends continue unabated

  • Proposal to bring the City Engineer position in house as an employee. Historically this has been a contract position.

  • Continued recognition that certain special revenue funds (streetlights, stormwater) do not have CPI risers on them and therefore are projected to be underwater in the near future.There are many other items that will likely be discussed at the meeting. 

If you have thoughts or questions, please let me know.