Wednesday, October 19, 2022

10.18.22 Meeting Summary and My Candidate Comments

Last night I shared during public comment additional remarks regarding my campaign, including why the endorsements of most of our recent staff including two department heads and the Police Officer's Association is so important.  These are individuals who have direct relevant experience regarding not just the financial challenges the city faces, but challenges in the day to day operations where we could be much more efficient.  My remarks here:

In addition to my comments, there were two significant items that were discussed:

- We adopted a resolution to authorize execution of an energy services contract with Climatec.  The contract calls for two phases of work.  Phase 1 is an energy assessment to determine where potential savings may exist throughout the city in its use of electricity, water, and other utilities.  Phase 1 will take approximately 14 weeks at the end of which Climatec will produce a report detailing their findings and potential actions the city could take.  Phase 1 has no cost and there is no obligation to continue beyond Phase 1.

If the city were to proceed to Phase 2, that decision would be based on the information presented at the end of Phase 1.  Should that occur, then Climatec would be compensated on a cost plus basis.  Only projects that would yield a savings inclusive of the cost of the project are eligible to move forward.

- We formed a Community Financial Sustainability Committee.  The Committee will consist of 5 Clayton residents with a background in finance, some of which must be government finance.  The duties of this Committee are many-fold, however overall the intent is to increase engagement and information around City financial matters.  Among the duties of the Committee are to identify areas for additional evaluation for financial savings or revenue generation, and to communicate with the community on city financial matters.