Sunday, October 30, 2022

A Lack of Leadership and Gaps to Fill

With the recent announcement that our City Manager is resigning, this means that 3 out of 6 departments heads are vacant or will be soon - The City Manager, Finance Director, and our Police Chief.

In the four years I’ve been a member of this Council, I’ve been in the minority on a number of issues. It’s time to change that. Because if we continue down this path, with our leaders more interested in attending gatherings and going to meetings with no discernable outcome, rather than focusing on basic operations like maintaining a schedule of maintenance activities, or balancing the budget – then we as a city will continue to hemorrhage good people and city operations will suffer.

After November, the newly constituted Council will be tasked with rebuilding these critical staff positions. Now more than ever we need strong leadership to guide the city and staff in both the hiring and onboarding of new personnel. It will be paramount to have Councilmembers who have experience in hiring staff and building and managing teams.

While I started my career as a governmental auditor, I’ve been a people leader for over 20 years. As Vice President and Controller of a multi-billion dollar company, I have extensive experience in managing budgets and finding and retaining talent - from entry level positions to Directors, in office personnel and remote workers. Having this experience will be critical as we rebuild the team at City Hall.

This is why it is so important that our former Finance Director, Police Chief, and the Police Officers Association representing all of our police have all endorsed me in this election. These are folks that are NOT politicians, but they have deep and recent knowledge of city operations. They have first hand experience working with me and want to continue working with me and in each case I have gained the support of city staff – something critically important as we move forward.

Election day is November 8. I’m asking for your support and your vote.