Wednesday, November 16, 2022

11.15.22 Meeting Summary

Last night the Council met and discussed one significant item and that was the initiation of the recruitment process for the City Manager role.  Our current City Manager submitted her resignation to be effective at the beginning of February 2023. 

Because of the short time frame, and the recognition that we are near the holidays and the reorganization of the Council after the results of the latest election are certified, we took certain steps to accelerate the process.  We decided to use a recruiting firm, to use funds that had been set aside in a Rainy Day fund in previous years to cover the approximate $27K-$29K it will cost, to form an ad hoc committee consisting of myself and Councilmember Tillman to facilitate the process, and to authorize the Ad Hoc Committee to direct the City Manager to execute the agreement with the recruiting firm that is chosen.

In addition to the above, we also had a swearing in ceremony for our new Police Chief, Richard McEachin.  Chief McEachin was a former Clayton PD Sergeant before leaving to become the Police Chief of another jurisdiction.  I was happy to meet our new chief and look forward to working with him.