Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Thank You! Results not final yet

The results are not yet final, but as of last night (11/8) the counts were as follows:

There were 8,477 registered voters, with just 3,623 ballots being counted as of last night.  Historically in non-presidential years voter turnout in Clayton is right around 70%.  If that turnout figure holds up this election, that means that there would be approximately 2,300 ballots left to be counted.  The County will update their counts periodically here:

Regardless of the final outcome, I wanted to say thank you to a whole lot of people.

To everyone who supported my campaign - Thank you! As I tell people I talk with, there is no polling in Clayton so you never really know if what you're doing is connecting with folks.  

To those who volunteered to canvas – Thank you. It takes a tremendous amount of time and energy to canvas and without your efforts I would have not gotten to nearly as many people as we did.

To those who were willing to show support by putting up yard signs, sometimes multiple – Thank you.
At times it can be difficult putting yourself out there, inviting those questions and conversations from friends and neighbors but those conversations are truly the most impactful and I am grateful.

To those who spread the word online and in person – Thank you. I've always believed that leaders should meet people where they are.  Today quite a few people interact online and my intent is to continue to have conversations with people this way.  Passionate community involvement is what can drive change and with our ability to connect and collaborate we can be truly effective.

To all other supporters - Thank you. The only way this campaign has gotten this far is both because the message has resonated with people, and they were able to hear that message. The only way that was possible is because of the vocal support of the community.

And to my fellow candidates - Thank you.  Though we may disagree from time to time on matters of policy, healthy debate and discussion is part of the process.  Anyone who decides to put themselves out there for public office is to be commended on their willingness to step up and serve.

More information to follow both on this website and my Facebook page, but for now I'm going to get some much needed rest with the family.