Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Election Results - Update

While still not final, the County has released the latest update on vote counts.  County wide, there remain approximately 1,800 provisional ballots and approximately 5,000 other ballots.  Since this is County wide, only a small number of those would be expected to be from Clayton.  Current ballot count is at 5,745 out of 8,477 registered voters, which is a 67.77% turnout rate.  

It looks like myself and Kim Trupiano have earned a seat on the Council for the next four years.  Our next scheduled Council meeting on 12.6.22 will have the swearing in ceremony but otherwise be a light agenda.

Thank you again to the residents of Clayton who supported me and I look forward to continuing work on the Council.  I recognize there were those who were passionate no matter which candidates were supported.  I hope over the next four years we can all come together in our shared goal of doing what is best for Clayton and its residents.