Wednesday, June 24, 2020

6.23.20 Meeting Summary

There were three significant things discussed at last nights meeting:

Clayton Police Department (CPD) response to the 8 Can't Wait Campaign - Police Chief Warren gave a presentation responding to each of the 8 points in the 8 Can't Wait Campaign.  By state law, CA has already addressed many of the items in this nationwide campaign and we abide by all CA laws.  The chief elaborated on how we as a city approach issues such as training, de-escalation, use of force.

Discussion of options to enhance community engagement with the CPD - Chief Warren presented three possible options to enhance community engagement.  Briefly, they were townhalls, a Chief's advisory board, and a council subcommittee.  Townhalls and similar events are already being pursued in other avenues and will likely happen more organically.  The Council felt that the subcommittee would be the most effective, and could also include interested members of the public.  The focus of this subcommittee would be to facilitate discussion around issues of public safety and provide recommendations to Council.  While all members of Council were interested in participating, ultimately there would be only two slots.  We will determine the membership at our next special meeting scheduled for 6.30.20.

Discussion and setting time of budget approval for fiscal year 2021 (Jul-20 - Jun-21) - Impacts of COVID-19 to local budgets have been significant throughout the state and country.  Municipalities that have  sales tax as a significant portion of their budget have been especially hard hit.  Even more so those municipalities that have a large component of Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT, or taxes paid by hotel guests) have been scrambling on how to fill those budget deficits.  

Fortunately for Clayton, we do not rely heavily on sales tax or TOT and as a result the projected negative impacts to Clayton are relatively limited.  The biggest negative impact may be in transit funds received for future street maintenance.  Since we typically accumulate multiple years worth of transit dollars, the impact may be in future years as our ability to accumulate funds for larger projects may be reduced.  For the current year however, we are continuing to move forward with regularly anticipated maintenance of our streets.

I'm glad to see that we've included the funding of the crossing guard at the corner of Mt. Zion and Pine Hollow Rd.  I want to thank all the parents who reached out and continued to ask for this item to be included.