Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Upcoming Meeting 6.10.20 - brief update

Reminder that there is a special Council meeting being held Wednesday (6/10) in lieu of the meeting that was postponed last week. I did a write up previously about the topics, located here: 

In that update, I hadn't yet had a chance to review the budget but there is one item I'd like to call out. I had previously asked that we include funding for an additional crossing guard in front of Mt. Diablo Elementary. In the 19/20 school year, the PFC paid for the crossing guard in front of the school. Given street safety is a city responsibility, I've asked that we include the approximate $12-14K to cover this for the 20/21 school year.

Unfortunately this is not in the first draft of the budget that is being discussed tomorrow night. I realize there are always prioritizations done when crafting a budget. I think this is worth it and would ask that people express their support of this item to be added.