Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Meeting Summary 6.30.20

Tonight the Council took action on two significant items:

Formed an ad hoc committee on public safety.  The ad hoc committee consists of two members of the Council who will meet on an informal and as needed basis.  With recent actions here in town and across the nation regarding police brutality, Black Lives Matter, and our two demonstrations, there is a need to address for a venue for the city to engage with the community to enhance public safety and outreach with our residents.  

Each member of our Council expressed interest in being a part of the committee, however prior to any discussion among Council Mayor Pierce made a motion to have Councilmembers Catalano and Wolfe form the ad hoc committee.  I did express concern that as this issue was important to our community and that its members should not be the ones that are up for re-election in 4 months.  It would be counterproductive if the committee were politicized and used as a vehicle to further a political campaign.  I also found it concerning that the only two people of color who are on the Council (myself and Diaz) were excluded from a committee whose purpose is, among other things, to listen and act on issues that affect people of color.

We also approved the budget for FY21.  Producing a budget is usually a very long process and I want to commend our Finance Manager who started just a few months before the fiscal year end deadline and was able to complete the budget in time.  As part of this budget I am very glad to see that we included funding for the additional crossing guard outside the elementary school at Mt. Zion and Pine Hollow.  This was requested by the past two presidents of the Mt. Diablo Elementary PFC, and numerous parents who I worked with to garner support and ultimate inclusion in our budget.  This is a public safety item and hopefully this will aid in increasing the safety for our youngest students.