Thursday, August 2, 2018

High Density Housing is Wrong for Downtown

From megachurches, to assisted living facilities, to high density housing, the theme over the past several years has been consistent. Developers enriching themselves at the expense of our downtown, at every turn with the the City Council not only laying out the welcome mat for them, but holding the door open too.

Yes there will be development, but it should be responsible and consistent with the character of the city, and primarily for the benefit of our residents. Apparently the Council thinks that high density senior living condos are consistent with the character of the city. They're wrong.

The challenges these developments bring like a lack of parking, congestion, and the potential reduced viability of our downtown festivals and social gatherings are all things that threaten the character that's been cultivated for years in our city. The wrong kind of development at the wrong location can have a significant impact. We need a Council that takes that responsibility seriously and puts the interests of the residents above the interests of outside developers.