Friday, August 10, 2018

My Priorities as Council Member

When I talk to people in Clayton about running for City Council, everyone is very supportive.  People often share their experience living in Clayton, and their previous interactions with the city in general and the Council in particular. 

What always comes up is the why?  Why am I running and what do I want to do as a member of the Council?  My top priorities as a City Council member would be:

  1. Enhance public safety - no welcome mat for parolee housing
  2. Ensure fiscal responsibility - make sure our spending reflects our priorities
  3. Preserve the character and charm of the city as a great place to raise families - a vibrant downtown full of places for the entire city to enjoy and no high density housing in the middle of our downtown
In recent times I do not see these being the priorities of the Council and it's why I'm running.  Every action of the council should support one of those priorities and if elected these will be my focus.