Monday, August 6, 2018

Why is it so Difficult to Bring Business into Downtown?

I've been talking to numerous folks throughout Clayton about our Downtown and there have been some consistent themes.  One of them is the love for all of the activities that we host and how fun they are for Clayton and all of our families that live here.  That has been a joy to discuss with the community.  But the other consistent theme has been a lack of understanding about why it is so difficult to bring business into downtown.

Either trying to renovate the dilapidated buildings on Oak St. or bring local business into vacant commercial buildings, it seems there are a great many Clayton residents who have been involved with trying and failing to work with the city.  Why is it so hard to work with the city to utilize these spaces for the purpose they were intended?  Dilapidated and unused buildings are a detriment to our downtown area and the City Council should focus more on working to cure these obvious problems and less on creating new problems with high density housing and giving parolees a path to reside in Clayton.