Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Support, not Donations

I do not accept any donations.  There's an important concept in public accounting and as a CPA I take it seriously.  It is to be independent in fact and appearance.  Donations of any kind can lead to the appearance of impropriety, or lack of objectivity.  I'm not sure where the other candidates  in this election or the existing Council Members stand on the issue of donations.  I do know at least one other candidate feels similarly.  With the way the Council has pursued high density housing in downtown, and creating a path for parolee housing in town, it seems like the Council has other objectives they are trying to achieve than what is best for the residents of Clayton.

It shouldn't cost a lot of money for interested citizens to get involved and change the way our City Council operates.  My hope is that in talking to people, getting the message out that there are better options for City Council than the incumbents who get re-elected to do the same thing over and over, we can actually make a difference.  Of course, this doesn't mean that I don't need help.  I'll be putting up yard signs this weekend and in the weeks to come.  I'll be hosting some events (details to follow) to meet as many people as possible.  Money isn't necessary to win an election for City Council - support, advocacy, and great ideas are.  Those are the things i'll be asking of people in my campaign.