Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Council Members Need to Show Up to Represent the People

We elect members of the Council to represent us.  To use their judgment in deciding matters that come before the Council.  We extend a certain amount of trust, that they will try to act in the best interests of all of the residents of Clayton.  At a minimum, we expect them to show up.  A certain amount of absenteeism is reasonable, 3% maybe.  5% maybe.  Even 10% isn't too far outside expectations.

That is not however, the level of absenteeism achieved by Councilmember Shuey.  For his latest of four terms in office, starting from January 2015 through today, Councilmember Shuey has been absent from 30% of meetings:

I've tabulated the attendance for all meetings since 2015, the beginning of Councilmember Shuey's latest term with the results above.  And while Councilmember Shuey talks about his and Mr. Wolfe's commitment, but a 30% absentee rate doesn't demonstrate commitment.  It's hard to represent the people who elected you if you fail to show up over 30% of the time.